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Bellarmino Boutique Apartments is your home in the heart of Tuscany, located in the historic building where Saint Robert Bellarmino was born in 1542. Unique, full of history, in the centre of the city, in Via San Donato 10, a stone's throw from Piazza Grande, the flats are set in a structure whose layout evokes the Renaissance style of noble palaces.
In the palace there is a consecrated chapel and a Medieval Hall where the wooden lacunar ceiling is of particular importance. The wooden compartments have very simple but valuable decorations.
remain forever in the memory of the guests. Buildings such as the Palazzo that houses our flats succeed in bringing to life for those who visit Montepulciano, where so many stories are written on the facades of the buildings, the charm and fantasy of centuries of history.
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Bellarmino Boutique Apartments

Via di San Donato 10, Montepulciano
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